American Journal of Heterocyclic Chemistry

Volume 6, Issue 2, December 2020

  • Co-crystallization of Oxalate Salts of Monoprotonated Amines with a Double Sn-Ph Bond Cleavage

    Mouhamadou Birame Diop, Gorgui Awa Seck, Modou Sarr, Libasse Diop, Allen G. Oliver

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, December 2020
    Pages: 16-23
    Received: Jul. 11, 2020
    Accepted: Jul. 27, 2020
    Published: Aug. 25, 2020
    Abstract: Two oxalate compounds [(C4H7N2)3][Sb(C2O4)3] (1) and [(Et3NH)][SnPhCl(C2O4)2] (2), have been isolated and characterized by single-crystal X-ray diffraction. Compound 1 crystallizes in the monoclinic system, space group P21/c with a=13.3944 (6) Å, b=11.3554 (5) Å, c=16.3314 (7) Å, β=107.206 (1), V=2372.82 (18) Å3 and Z=4. Compound 2 crystallizes in ... Show More
  • Synthesis and ESR Spectroscopy Complexes of Copper(II) with Acyl- and Aroylhydrazones of Methyl Ester of 5,5-Dimethyl-2,4-Dioxohexanoic Acid

    Tursunov Murod Amonovich, Sevinchova Dilobar Nematovna, Avezov Kuvondik Giyasovich, Umarov Bako Bafayevich, Ganiyev Bakhtiyor Shukurullayevich, Savriyeva Nigina Qahramon Qizi

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, December 2020
    Pages: 24-29
    Received: Jul. 24, 2020
    Accepted: Aug. 19, 2020
    Published: Sep. 03, 2020
    Abstract: The method of ESR is widely used for the investigation of electronic construction and the geometrical structure of the polynuclear complexes of the transition metals. The majority of the well-known experimental works had been done using monocrystals and polycrystalline examples. Construction of mononuclear complexes of the copper(II), the nature of... Show More
  • Synthesis, Spectroscopic Studies and Crystal Structures of N, N’-bis (4-methoxybenzylidene) Ethylenediamine and an Its New Cadmium (II) Complex

    Adrienne Ndiolene, Tidiane Diop, Mouhamadou Sembene Boye, Thierry Maris, Aminata Diasse-Sarr

    Issue: Volume 6, Issue 2, December 2020
    Pages: 30-35
    Received: Nov. 01, 2020
    Accepted: Nov. 12, 2020
    Published: Nov. 19, 2020
    Abstract: Schiff base (L) ligand is prepared via condensation of P-Anisaldehyde and ethylene diamine in 2:1 ratio in ethanol. A new complex is prepared by reacting this ligand with metallic salt CdI2. The structure of the two derivatives are confirmed using various spectroscopic techniques: C, H, N analyses, IR, UV-visible and X-ray diffraction. The IR spect... Show More